Wednesday, October 31, 2007

xBhp merchandise : T-shirts

xBhp merchandise : T-shirts

xBhp is India's biggest motorcycling club.
Home of xBhp
What is xBhp
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We have been making official xBhp t-shirts (called as x-tees) for some time now. The latest stock came in some days back. Sizes available at :
Small (s)
Medium (m)
Large (l)
Extra Large (xl)
Extra Extra Large (xxl)

Every tee costs Rs 250, and every additional costs Rs 225.
Courier charges are Rs 35 for first tee, and Rs 15 for every additional tee

To order, shoot a mail to

The tees take 24-48hrs to reach you depending on your location

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

2008 Yamaha V-max : Latest video + Suzuki Biplane video

We have been posting about the Yamaha V-max for some time now ( August 2007 post , Sep 2007 post )but at the latest Tokyo motorshow, Yamaha showcased what the real V-max could possibly look like.
Here is a video shot at the motor show..

As you can, a lot has changed. The following is how we all thought the bike would look initially.. :

Suzuki also showcased the Biplane concept.

Here is a video..

Saturday, October 27, 2007

For Him Magazine : FHM is now in India!

FHM (For Him Magazine) is the worlds largest selling mens magazine and is now in India.

Some of you might be knowing that Im currently employed with Next Gen Publications for their upcoming motorcycling portal. The same company also has magazines like "Car India" and "Bike India" - yeah i used to work for these print magazines earlier, but now im with the online thing.

Anyways, Next Gen, along with Emap of UK decided to get in the FHM brand to India and the first issue of FHM India rolled out some days back. Check out the magazine's website

Theres a link on the website from where you can also watch a preview of the latest issue. Clicking on the LINK takes you a new site where you can flip through some of the pages.

This is how you can see a preview of the mag online


NEXT GEN corportate website :
FHM INDIA website :

Honda Transalp XL700V : The Video + spy pics of Ducati 848!

Heres a video of the new Honda Transalp XL700V

Heres a comparison of the old and the models:

Meanwhile, Visordown managed to get hold of this spy shot of new Ducati 848 bikes awaiting shipment to the UK. Sources say the machines are heading for the NEC show and that the bikes will be in the shops for Spring 2008. The machines are available in Red or Pearl White, although other countries will get black too.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Honda motorcycles : TOKYO motorshow


Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced the line-up of motorcycles that will be premiered at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show 2007 (organized by Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association), to be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan from Saturday, October 27 to Sunday, November 11, 2007. Honda’s motorcycle exhibition will feature World Premiere concept models (prototype), pre-launch models, and a comprehensive line-up of other motorcycles and advanced environmental and safety technologies.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Honda Transalp XL700V

Press Release

Dynamic new Adventure Sports styling really sets the pace for the all-new 2008 XL700V Transalp. Powered by a new fuel-injected V-twin engine that carries it down the road with impressive power and confident cruising speed, the new Transalp reasserts its position as Europe’s most versatile midsized motorcycle. The Transalp debuted on the European motorcycling scene in 1987 in response to the surging popularity of the Paris-Dakar Rally. Combining elements of a mid-displacement tourer with a trail-going enduro chassis and look, the Transalp pioneered a fresh new direction in motorcycle development that has remained popular for over twenty years. Although initially based on the intrepid rally bikes that raced across Africa, the Transalp also won a strong and growing following for its superbly comfortable ergonomics, confidence-inspiring control and inherent ability to cruise high-speed motorways with strong, agile performance, and remarkable riding ease. Offering impressive appeal to a wide cross-section of riders who appreciate it uncanny ability to do most jobs remarkably well, from day-to-day commuting to long-distance touring, to exploring off the beaten path, the Transalp has always combined the best of on-road and off-road riding styles into a unique riding experience. However, eight years after its last major change in design, the Transalp has gradually fallen behind the times in terms of both style and performance, and was in need of both a new jolt of visual excitement and updates in its motorcycle technology to keep it at the front of its class in power, performance and environmental compatibility. Setting out to firmly reassert the Transalp’s leading position in the mid-displacement Adventure Sports class, its development team drew up plans to give the next-generation Transalp a boldly dynamic new look, stronger power delivery and a more accessible range of riding enjoyment that would boost its appeal to even more riders attracted to its unique brand of versatile go-anywhere performance. Offering cutting-edge style, strong, satisfying performance and an always inviting sense of adventure that makes every ride a great escape, the exciting new 2008 Transalp encourages one to seek out all the fun that lies just over the next horizon.

The all-new XL700V Transalp really stands out with dynamic new Adventure Sports styling that’s sure to turn heads wherever it goes. Its sleeker, more aggressively curved and angled bodywork speaks of breathtaking road-going agility and a lighter, fresher way of enjoying all the thrills that motorcycling has to offer. Modelled on the image of galloping horse, the Transalp’s intrepid new lines seem to strain at the reins even when standing still. The Transalp’s compact new front cowl area features an aggressive wind management design that intentionally does not provide the same degree of wind protection offered by its predecessor. Instead, this crisply attractive new design reduces the amount of wind blast to the chest while providing a more enhanced wind feel that deftly avoids becoming uncomfortable. Wind-tunnel-tested ports under the mini windscreen and to the sides of the headlight expand air flow around the rider for enhanced wind protection at higher speeds and lighter, more responsive handling. Behind the screen resides a compact, cleanly integrated instrument panel with large tachometer dial and large LCD readout of speed, odometer, dual trip, clock and six-segment fuel level. The new Transalp’s fuel tank is smaller in capacity than its previous version (down from 19 to 17.5 litres), but the greatly improved fuel consumption figures of its new fuel-injected engine actually extend its riding range. A flat, flush-mount hinged fuel tank cap eases fill-ups while contributing to the bodywork’s more modern look.

Price : 5399 pounds

680cc, 44KW, 60Nm of torque, 17.5 L fuel tank.

Read MCN's ride report

Ok, here is a longer video of the HUNK

Hero Honda Hunk video

Videos of the HeroHonda HUNK

Here are two very small clips of the new HUNK. These are exclusive clips!

Reason for the short length is that before the bike hits the showroom, i cant actually upload the whole video. Hope you guys understand!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Cagiva Mito 125 : The real picture

We had told you about the new Cagiva Mito 125 way back on 17th August (READ) and heres the how the bike will finally look!

The picture clearly shows that this is the first major design change in the 13 years. The seat and fairing are shaped to mimic Cagiva’s C594 500GP machine from the 1990’s, replacing the Ducati 916-alike shape seen on every Mito since 1994.
The swoopy fairing houses two wide-eyed headlights and a dummy intake shaped just like the C594’s carbon intake ducts, and the slim tail piece tapers to a point.

The motorcycle’s chassis appears identical to the outgoing model in this image, but it remains to be seen whether the bike is to get a new four-stroke engine to pass emissions laws, or whether Cagiva has managed to get the current motorcycle’s 30bhp two-stroke engine through emissions laws.

Source : MCN

Hero Honda HUNK : Fresh pictures

Managed to get exclusive pics of the new HUNK
Read more about the HUNK here and here

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Yamaha India's new scooter : What will it be?

Recently, Yamaha announced that they will be coming out with a gearless scooter for India very soon, and this will be targeted in the 100-125cc class. Well, Yamaha does make scooters in this capacity, but which one of these will be for India?

In UK, Yamaha sells three scoots in the 125cc class : The X-MAX 125, the Cygnusx and the Vity. Now, the X-Max will be too much for India, and so we are left with the Cygnusx and the Vity.


It is sold in a 125cc version in UK. The 125cc version pumps out 11Ps of power and weighs in at around 115kgs - not bad! Whats bad is that it sells for around Rs 1,10,000! Err..

Then we have the Vity 125.

Pumping out a modest 8.7 ps of power, it still looks better than the likes of the Honda Activa sold in India.

And in Japan, the 100cc version is the Grand Axis 100

A sweet looking scooter, it pumps out 10ps of power, and weighs just 90kgs! It sells for around 52000 bucks in Japan, quite less than the other scoots (like the 125cc ones). You do get a lot for this money, including a front disc brake! If Yamaha can make this scoot locally, and price it at around 40,000 (sans some of the features of the Japan version), then they do have a winner on their hands.

Some more pictures :

Megelli's 125cc machines : Coming our way soon

Megelli is the creation of Barry Hall, Managing Director of SLD UK Ltd, whose vision and drive has enabled the realisation of this new and exciting brand of motorcycles.
Using a wealth of knowledge at one of Europe’s leading Motorcycle design centres, linked with a well respected UK vehicle production and engineering company, the functionality, reliability and sheer stunning appearance has been crafted into what is truly a desirable series of Megelli motorcycles.
A 'must have' attitude has already developed.
From the general public to the most serious of importers and distributors, everyone wants a piece of the Megelli action.
Megelli have drawn on their substantial expertise gained over the last 10 years in the arena of two and four wheeled transportation.

The Motard:

This 125cc bike (also available in 50cc version) makes 11hp of power along with 9Nm of torque. The bike weighs in at just 110kgs, even with those fat 100mm front and 130mm rear tyres.

The Naked:

Has the same engine, weighs the same too, but looks far more aggresive

The Sport: (main pic)
Ofcourse the best looking of the lot!!

The bikes will be unveiled at EICMA, Milano on 6th November

2008 Triumph Rocket III pictures / info

Triumph is introducing the Rocket III Touring as a 2008 model. With a version of the 2.3 liter 3-cylinder engine from the standard Rocket III retuned for greater low-end power, the touring model has a new frame, wheels, suspension, seat, fuel tank, instruments and lights. Lockable luggage is featured, as well. Handling of the new Touring has been carefully engineered, and the bike features narrower wheels, for instance.
The new Rocket model gets the same 2.300cc triple engine as before, but an all new frame, suspension, seat, fuel tank, lights and instruments. Being a Touring model it now gets hard luggage and a big windscreen as standard, both easily detachable. Tear shaped footboards are in place and the tyres are now narrower than on present Rocket models. Price: £12799 OTR / $16699 in USA.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Triumph Rocket III Touring

Yesterday Triumph motorcycles announced the launch of a touring variant of the highly successful, Triumph Rocket, the Triumph Rocket III Touring. Read the full details of this iconic new Triumph Rocket on by clicking here.

Ride safe!

Jon Booth

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hi, I ride a HUNK!

You wouldnt want to say that to the fair sex, would you? Im sure Hero Honda never thought about this when they came up with the.. err... "HUNK"!
The news first broke out on quite sometime back. The name of the bike was right, but details werent. Anyways, HH finally launched this "old wine in a new bottle" bike yesterday in Delhi.
It is powered by the same 150cc CBZ-Xtreme engine (pumping out 14.2bhp). Everything remains the same : The engine, chassis, running parts etc, but whats different is the way this bike (im not gonna type "hunk" again) looks. The CBZ-Xtreme had a weird front end, and this one has a far better one. Ditto for the massive scoops and the exhaust. Overall, there is a dramatic improvement in the way the bike looks.

The bike will go on sale at a price of Rs 55,000 ($1375) for the kick start and Rs 57,000 ($1425) for the disc version (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Im not photoshop guy, just played around with the images I could lay my hands on from xBhp, and

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The header picture on this page... BEND IT LIKE BAKSHI!

"Bend it like Bakshi"
I m sure many of you must be wondering about the header picture (top most pic) on this blog. The bike in picture is the India made Hero Honda Karizma, a 223cc 17bhp motorcycle with a 2.75inch front and a 4.00 inch (100mm) rear tyre. And still, riders like Kunal Bakshi, can made the bike dance like this.

Kunal stays in Australia, and was in Delhi for a while earlier this year. And he did show us how to take corners very well. Enjoy the pictures.

2007 Street-fighter comparo

Motorcycle-USA have just done the 2007 Street-fighter comparo and it has gone live on their website.
The bikes were
1. Aprilia Tuono Factory
2. Ducati Monster SR4
3. Kawasaki Z1000
4. Triumph Speed Triple
5. Yamaha FZ1

There are some interesting results, check out the
Comparo now

Monday, October 15, 2007

Kawasaki GTR 1400 VS Kawasaki ZX-6R : Can they rival each other?

A sports tourer vs a sports bike? Sounds insane right?
But deep inside our hearts, we all know we would like to see such a comparo, and Performance Bike of UK just did that. They picked up one of the best sports tourer in the business, the GTR 1400 and pitted it against the agile missile, the ZX-6R over a distance of 594 miles (950km) from Bladel to Berlin. Ofcourse, the GTR with its way bigger powerful engine made sure the ZX-6R never caught up, but the riders admitted it was a close call. The GTR took 7hrs 28min, and ZX6R another 32mins.

The GTR may have a 29% bigger fuel tank, but its 20% more thirsty than the lil Ninja. Its just that the GTR will make you reach the destination in a relaxed way, as compared to the ZX-6R, on which you butt will sue you for the pain, and your arms will be aching! And yeah, did I tell you that at 150mph/240kmh, the ZX is spinnin at 13,000 revs, while the GTR is at a lazy 7000!!

Read the October 2007 issue of PB (performance biking) for more

Pocket Rocket!

Just published a great new motorcycling article on by journalist Tammy Milsom all about the "Pocket Rocket" who is Sammi Tee. Young Sammi is a Scottish Moto-X champion and the 2004 Scottish mini-moto champion. Read all about this young motorcycle champion by clicking here.

Ride safe!

Jon Booth

Friday, October 12, 2007

Hyosung Aquila GV 250 : Pimped up version ridden

Where - Mumbai, India
Base bike : Hyosung Aquila GV250
Yes, believe it or not, this is the Aquila GV250!
Runs on a 110mm front and 200mm rear set up. The rear suspension is one sided swingarm, power transfer to rear wheeles is thru belt drive.

I rode the bike for around 15km in India's pathetic traffic. In the starting, it was a bit of the bother, but then I got used to it. The free flow exhausts sounded awesome and the bike was an eye magent for sure!!

For more, you may get in touch with me (bunny - 919223285630) or the guy who made this bike (Akshai - 919820801998)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lots of Motorcycle News!

Yesterday (10th October 200&) seemed to be a big day for motorcycling news.

Firstly Fowlers Honda of Bristol announced they have have commissioned ten limited edition replicas of John McGuinness' Honda Fireblade to commemorate his record-breaking win at the 100th Isle Of Man TT races. More info and how you can buy one is on by clicking here.

Ducati have announded that the stunning MotoGP replica race bike the Ducati Desmosedici RR production run will be limited to 1500 units. Read more from Ducati about this on by clicking here.

Aprilia UK have announced that there interesting new model the the Aprilia SL750 Shiver is now for sale in Aprilia dealer showrooms. To find out more about this new Aprilia model on, click here.