Monday, February 28, 2011

Extreme Suzuki Skywave

Modification with low rider style is never ending. Suzuki Skywave 2008 Sulistioes’ properties that worked on Chrome’s Ton’s (this TC’s for example, Really impressive. There are some part that jut and Can be said rather new. For example, Rim in front of and Hind model custom cross bean according Chandra’s Antonius, The TC’s skipper, be favorite of american low rider communities.

The cross bean have five model with wide palm, In front of 5 inches and Hind 7 inches. Then, Finishing with chrome. But, Jut from this modification Harley-Davidson’s nuance.
Liking sepatbor in front of wide model. Pity, Part under it not complete with lip makes for captor water. So also sepatbor hind slopes. Second this part uses lamelli ingredient measures 8 mm.
And also muffler at neck part, There’s only one pipe and Reaching middle wich is cracked in two up to the end. Part is share in two given cover with ingredient with perforated motive. Afterward it is finished by chrome. There are still more HD’s nuance, That is handlebar is made wide model. But, Antonius has calculated pipe diameter that worn, Fit he said 25 mm. Third sector, Begining from rim, Muffler, Up to handlebar, Processeding full chromium. With neat process and Detail this is undoubted when Sulistio’s property Skywave’s Suzuki beat contest as the best at Otobursa’s arena.


With the price dikisaran 20 millions, they have seeded their own .. like monosok, rear discs, and design new exhaust ... ready to pick deh confused. anyway for the people modif about is not about price or features that are too worried about, but what model dimodif seheboh time later.!! Who deserve to be where the real street fighter for you??


Yup, style legs moge easiest boost MegPro face of his native India with the Honda name Dazler this. Simply by installing waste of Segal moge MegPro type face could look fierce.

Create a slang for nampang Amendment appear together in seputaran cross-town chum, flat style may be used. Ubahannya stay skinny replace the rim with the following size rubber tire measuring 200 × 17. Select with chrome or silver for the more visible clean impression. Change humility stems quasi lower front and rear.

Demen elegant style of racing, contek JDM style in style again. elegant view this averse ngejreng also simple color applied. Simply replace the disc plate is wider, bigger calipers, and body color game calm and cutting stickers.

Moge legs are most appropriate for decorating the face Byson. Body shape that supports easy enough to make change appear more agresife. Shell lamp change with the addition of increasingly narrow visor for the look slanted.

Dynamic curve of the right tail and tank with a bandage feet tall. Ubahannya quite a lot by bringing up the legs with rubber tire asphalt moge. To be more precise maneuvering invited tubular frame must be added.

Comparable with that lightly MegPro really changed the maximum. Want to look like a motor bike with the concept, most handsome Byson modified extreme. With the legs of the rear side and an additional single large radiator in front of the engine and body figure Byson already visible muscular.


Yamaha Jupiter Z this one fits so buff guide jap flow style of elegant style. Contrived a little slanted headlights and the legs became super sleek but still dailyuse.
Funky flow is in addition to pursuing a luxurious feel also not invited nyusahin for a walk. In order to get the impression of expensive, in addition to the bottom of the already full chrome cover body is painted with paint that is also repeated again that is the motive ngetrend blink-doff, meaning a combination of color motifs and ngedoff bertop wet coat. lacquer-coated yellow cilong Spies Hecker brand with a slicked doff red sticker pinstrip crom use the increasingly negasin eleganis style theme.

Other parts all neatly mounted. Aseso kinds RPM indicator, fuell meter, volt meter, until the fuel filter is neat. Oil cooler fitted with mencoak partially cover the body side. Just make enthusiasts drool guaranteed Japstyle see Jupiter Z besutan this ... :D

Pelek dpn/blk :TNT 140-17
Ban dpn/blk :D uro 60/60-17
Cakram dpn/blk :P SM,F1ZR
Cat/clear :spies hecker
Modifikator :And Modified, Jl.Sukarno-Hatta Salatiga


Honda beat this one to make kesemsem, from concepts, ideas, work on finishing ampe abis thumb (using the big toe aja): D who have Andik darum of WMC club from the town of Jember, East Java.

Colors make the most difference. combination of yellow and brown matte finish section of orange peel. that makes dof when told you can also use vip mix that is guaranteed hard-dof campurnya lho. cus is not easy nyampur tuh material with paint must each nyemprot filtered using a cloth and whipped hold while sprayed, if not so guaranteed results would range powder white spots. two color combinations make this a success deh Beat This plasticity elegant and calm. When asked he just ngabisin fund 60 thousand for this dof color. paint counted 40 thousand plus vip-dof 20 thousand, made up tuh!

Footboard and CVT cover until all bersilau chrome rims. resiknya styles range from country matic white elephant. only quasi-threaded rear Yoshimura big red.
Small-diameter disc-style front discs mothai look.
Sipitin headlights a bit in style jap style. unique model with sharper angles. Although that has so often say this motor output current Honda Beat Wekekek ... ..

MOTOR: Honda Beat 09 Jember, PEMILIK: Andik Darum, SOK DPN: Posh, PELEK: Ziip, BAN: Primax 60/90×17, SOK BLK: Yoshimura, BEHEL: Honda Supra X 125, CAT: Blink + Dof, DISC CAKRAM: Posh, MODIFIKATOR: WMC, PAINTER: Busan Jl Baratan Jember. 

Versus Honda Tiger Tranformer

Honda's '07 Tiger team I'M King Modified from Gempol Pasuruan East Java.

Berkelir blue, like the character Optimus Prime. Buildernya from the workshop I'm King Modified (pe-de really be the King?). Bodyworknya all made from fiberglass bersosok angled with strict dimensional figure like transformers wrapped with futuristic graphics. blue tiger feet oto2 1Pasangan gambot foot of the parts used variations. This unique model front fork upside down, but it made dihand condom model with an iron pipe. Meanwhile armnya swing designed tubular frame. Increasingly felt from another planet, this section lined full chrome.

Spek Modif:

FORK : Custom USD, MONOSOK/HEAD LIGHT : Satria FU, VELG : Sprint, BAN : Battlax, KNALPOT : Conic, SPION : Terminator, MODIFIKATOR : I’m King Modified Putat.

Honda Tiger Wins Paddock '08 from Java Purwokerto.

Honda Tiger Revo design transformers all the body also made of fiberglass with a unique design. Dipinang suspension telescopic front legs with wheels and tires Battlax crossbar. While the back side of the swing unit is supported by monosok. A somewhat strange armnya tuh swing, having a certain original box, but added an upper link. However, the composition rada stiff upper link so that still looks like a regular box swing arm.

Spec modif :
Sok DPN: Custom, front disc: Variation, SWING ARM: Custom, quasi-BLK: monosok, BODY: Fibercustom, FRAME: Standard upgrade, DPN BAN / BLK: Battlax, LAMPS DPN: Custom, LAMP BLK.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

WTF: Changing tires on the move - all the way from Saudi!

People from this part of the world are known for their crazy antics. They are also known to drive their big SUVs on two wheels but what in the world is this?

Words can do justice to what you end up thinking once you see this video..

Modifikasi Honda Karisma Trans Body


Honda motor modifications charisma Body Transformation using airbrush able to match the side spakbor Revo's, tire selection is also tight fit with Body bongsor congenital Kharism.

Modifikasi Yamaha Jupiter Z

Modified Yamaha Jupiter Z Banyuwangi...

It is expected that with the release of New Jupiter Z is equipped with light switch on the system can support the campaign "Click Byar" in improving safety in a drive that started from ourselves.

Modifikasi Matic Lowrider

Known as a specialist in body work, engine settings, and painting. AD Koncept, garage tuning of this French built this machine with MBK Stunt 50cm3 forefoot versatile mono-fork.
fresh let scooter racing styles as well sip adopted lho ya ... great gbr2!!

At first glance Italjet scooter-style constructed with a wide rim of the car. Modern n futuristic, not merely low rider style that often become role models mulu !!

Honda VFR1200F and CBR1000RR : Mumbai to Delhi ride - Day 2

While riding to Ahmedabad on day1, it had started drizzling lightly. My last ride on a Superbike on this route (on the Hayabusa) came back to my mind - that time too, rain gods hadnt been kind of me!

By morning, the roads outside the hotel were all wet! We still had over 900km to go to Delhi and reluctantly, we were back on the road. The 245km stretch to Udaipur has its own set of long sweeeping curves. The roads however were wet which meant we had to force ourselves to ride 'slowly' at speeds between 105-110km/h only. At these speeds, a twist of the throttle was all it would take to spin the rear wheel madly!
Passing the 'Line'

We stopped for a few pictures whenever the drizzle stopped but eventually before we got to Udaipur, we were shivering to the core. Wind blast on high speeds (when you wet) is bad, very bad! We almost ended up taking a night in Udaipur itself but that would have been a shame for us...
Photo-shoots at the Chittorgarh turn-off

So we contined to Chittorgarh and within a few km had to take shelter in a road side restaurant. The cold was simply too much. A few cups of tea, spicy and hot meals and we decided to ride to Chittorgarh for the night. We had no option but to ride on. The bikes in the meantime, though dirty, were proving to be our companion - they adjusted well, sipping a litre for every 20km. Though the roads were wet, they instilled confidence in us and made us eat the miles slowly but steadily.

370km were all we did that day. It took us around 8 hours for the same - blame this on long and numerous breaks to fight the cold. The bikes wore a mucky look outside in the parking and all our luggage was wet to the bone. What next we asked ourselves...

Our clothes scattered all over the room in Chittorgarh!

Day3's log coming up : the last battle to New Delhi

Modifikasi HONDA Vario Techno

HONDA CLICK-I modification of Thailand, with modifications Honda sebandingkah CBS Techno in the homeland?

Honda Click-i in the city of Thailand, in Indonesia, so if CBS Techno. difference there is PGM-Fi but without the CBS kayak here. now is the time bedain modifications out there vs homeland, according to what is right bro all modifications our homeland far behind??
This is one more homemade white elephant.

Modern Day Cafe Racer Daytona

During the golden age of motorcycling, the Brits made a stand with a breed of motorcycle that would become an icon of speed and beauty: the Cafe Racer. Young men with a desire for speed, and the willingness to exploit every possible drop of power, started stripping and tuning their English road bikes, racing at very high speeds from coffee shop to coffee shop across the English countryside. They were fueled by pop music and leaded petrol, spawning a culture that would pass the test of time and influence the future of motorcycle design. 

The racer lives on.

Today, the cafe racer maintains a deep-rooted, passionate following, encompassing, in style and attitude, the soul of those early British Marquees and the leather-clad hooligans who earned the name “Rocker.” (A term rooted in Britain’s 1960s’ counter-culturists, the Rockers.)

Rainer Budnik of Henrichenburg, Germany, shares the spirit launched in the early ’60s. But instead of taking a vintage platform and restoring the past, Rainer preferred a more modern interpretation. Starting with a 1999 Triumph Daytona 955i, the cafe project was set with a classic British namesake.